How to Find Job during Covid-19 crisis

Greetings of the day! Let’s talk about job searching, we were many times thinking about job searching. we ware discussing it with my team. somebody saying “No Jobs available in the market due to COVID-19 Crises” really lots of people are lost their jobs, during Corona times.
Employees going out without intimation and prior information. That is true.
In this time we are focus on another side, some organizations continue demanding manpower. We have also seen lots of cases at this time and govt also worried about it. People are scared.
Covid-19 time, some organizations fired off their own employees, and like an asset. One thing more, always the company loved only work and productivity. Corporate doesn’t have humanity and spirit.
Our team research: which will help you to find jobs and how to adopt changes. Because lots of people are lost not only their jobs but also lost their support in a bad time.
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Research about Jobs:
if someone is saying “no jobs in the market” who are making you fool. and If you’re fresher, it’s wonderful, you can choose multiple fields.
Understand you need only 1 job from the market, and the market size is very large. Always some corporate’s available in the market who look for you.
Don’t worry. It’s very simple but also very complicated. It depends on your views. If you want simple then definitely you make it very simple.
First step: 1 Skill: list down your skills, it’s important for you, and go through with yourself. Meaning of this: first take self-interview. It doesn’t matter these are very strong or not.
How to present, that’s the matter. Interviewer not looking for a candidate, who perfect in all skills in the world. Clear your mind-set. Understand, what the requirement and how to fulfill it by you.
Step 2: Create impressive your CV: we are already telling you, “strong skills not important” but the presentation is very important. Explain about you in detail, not in short. Many times we notice, ‘a lot of people not able to create impressive CV.’ but it’s very compulsory.
Mention your college and institute with details of learning skills. List down skills that related to you with details.
If having experience mention it and explain your KRA, job responsibilities. Once you finished it. go next step
Step 3: practice alone with yourself how to present yourself, and telling your own subconscious mind ‘I can do it’ believe on own mind and own skills. Honestly believe in yourself.
Step 4: Schedule interview: simple steps- lots of jobs constancy available in the market (Not paid) and online also. Some of the sites listed down below. But no need to register with them.
1. Indeed 2. LinkedIn 3. 4.Monster 5. CareerBuilder 6. TimesJobs
7.ZipRecruiter 8. 9. Shine 10. CareerJet 11. CareerAge
12. FresherWorld 13. Placement India 14.,
You will only open, and search your skills job: look image below:
file 4a27d24 b5bc44b2936e482284f79497904c6e56~mv2
Here you can see the list of jobs “Click on View More jobs” and check all recent jobs.
You are able to see here 1000+ jobs.
Choose one as per your suitability: click on to open and now you can find details of job description and company. And how to apply and you can see the top of the page and also you can discuss it with the HR team through the mentioned contact information.
file 5182ed0 2912c0bd90c64f2897e0f02286426898~mv2
Then you can schedule an interview. Here you can set alerts and select lots of skills.

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