Key of Success?

Today we are discussing about key of success. The keys of success are the things through which success is achieved. Whatever kind of success can happen. like you want to become the richest man, or famous or want to gain your weight. any type of achievement you want to achieve. that you want to achieve in your life.
So today we will talk about how to achieve success or through which one can be made successful. Those are some important points through which success can be achieved. Let them know:

1. Set clear Goal : Without the goal we cannot achieve our destination. It is just like this that you sit in your car and now you have to move forward. But you do not know where to go. When you don’t know you are told to go. So even your car cannot move forward.

Until we know what we want from life. Till then we cannot go on the journey.
So first we have to make our goal.Goal means a strong and very strong goal that no one can change.
Setting Goal is not a problem, this is a fun, this can be give you more satisfactions, and enjoyment. and definitively give you more success, and this is give you all control of your life, and unlimited potential or unlock your potential, and staying happy, all time you feel excitement.

2. Strong work ethic: this is a impotent for us, As you may be aware, now days their work ethics are found in every company. which helps in achieving their goals easily. If we do not have an action plan, how will we achieve our goal? it’s very hard. Work ethic teaches us a planned way. By which we can relax any big work.

Work ethics are ways of working and reaching results.
Work + hard work = success It is okay to believe but not understand without understanding. Let’s see why: work means physical and mental activity daily and Ethic means: which is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’, which means Science of Moral. Now this is it. The work ethic says, that I have standard of work here, and will never going down of this standard. Will do so much everyday and try to more than standard.
3. Consistency : Consistency is a very important subject: to do it the same every day. Doing any work continuously creates our beliefs, and if it becomes a habit to do any work, then being successful is like magic.
Do you think that one day reading will pass 90%? This is not possible. For this, you have to read continuously every day. It is not easy to get success until you make some work your habit.
Consistency makes habit, and habit makes successful. Consistency can be both positive and negative. It depends on you. When consistency is used to achieve positive goals it will be positive. And you can use it in the opposite of positive. Both ways will give you success in the same direction.
There is a very old story of “rabbits and turtles.” In that the rabbit thinks that I will reach the destination very easily, and starts to relax, while the turtle keeps on moving. Success is found by the turtle that runs continuously.”
Habit is not easily formed. When we talk about changing ourselves, then it is very difficult. And till we do not bring change, we cannot bring success.
How this can happen, small changes have to be made. Make very small changes in daily habits and change continuously. Gradually your values ​​will change. And success will be seen near.
Make your daily rules. Every day, do the hardest thing first and keep doing it. And soon you will see difficult work getting easier.
4. Discipline: Discipline is also an important subject: discipline is the only way to do anything systematically. Discipline teaches us the rules of work anything. It helps to do work with consistency. This gives habits a form. In Hindi, it says: “Anushashan” consists of two words: Anu + Shaasan = govern over oneself. This means conquering one’s senses. It is difficult to govern the world as long as you govern yourself. And soon you will see difficult work getting easier through discipline.
You have to be bound by the rules and follow them. It is very difficult to do this in the beginning. The harder the discipline appears, the easier it is. Just keep doing it consistently. How to do it now? The rule is very difficult to follow when we initially think about it. I have a plan that will help to make discipline: You make any discipline that you have to do. Assuming we have to wake up at 4 a.m., it is difficult to get up from the alarm. No problem. You wake up late. And all you have to do is to punish yourself: I am telling you a way – you take 1000 rupees and tear it up. And do your work as usual. And the next day you wake up again late and do the same again. After 4-5 days you will get up before 4 o’clock without any alarm.
5. Willing to sacrifice:Every success has a price. those will not succeed, who will do not make sacrifices. sacrifice can be both physical and mental. Have you ever seen a player become a player without hard work? Or sleeping becomes a player. Sacrifice is necessary on the path to success. You have to change your habits. The routine has to be changed. you would have to see, when you’re a student, many times you sacrifice, you don’t want to wake up in the early morning but you do. you want to play but don’t do this because of the exam. every time every success demanding sacrifice. and until you cannot buy it. need to pay.
6. Continuous pursuit of knowledge :The information should always be up to date. We would have made a big mistake, Very little knowledge accepts everything, and we make hasty decisions. We feel that now we have complete information. But knowledge is never complete. It needs to be updated frequently.
Reading is the easiest, most effective way to learn about anything — yet, so many of us choose to check Instagram or WhatsApp.
This is where most people run into problems when learning. T increase their input as much as possible, reading and ingesting all of the material they can, in as little time as possible, but never actually stop to consider what they’ve read, how it makes them feel, how they can apply it to their own lives, and so on. Whenever you read an article, take some time to reflect on its content. After you finish a book, go back and re-read some sections that stood out to you or sections you need a better understanding of. Take the time to let new material sink in.
7. Ability to Liston :To be a good speaker it is very important to be a good listener.
You should know that when we talk to someone, we should have raw material (talking material). You will get raw material only when you listen to someone carefully. Without raw materials, you cannot understand the thoughts and facts of yourself and others. When someone is speaking, you think when I get a chance to speak. And you will attract attention. You can build a better relationship with everyone only when you listen properly. We do not have good listening skills, as we were taught in childhood: speaking, and reading. We do not learn to listen. You cannot produce better results until you listen to your customers or meetings. If you understand the other, listen to them first.
8. I will never quite attitude: I never lose, either I win or I learn.
Many times we are one step away from success. And they give up before they get success.
Once a person was shown a new mine to dig gold. Experts examine him and tell him, there is a lot of gold in it. And will be found after excavation of about 1000 meters. Then excavation equipment was purchased and excavations began. Gold was not found even after several months. Gold was not found even after digging 1000 meters. They continue, digging higher than the digging level. Years later, the mine owner started thinking that there is nothing in it, hard work is useless. He started to feel that gold is not in the gold mine. gold mine owner got tired And being upset. the mine was forced to sell at the rate of Cowrie. And sold all new machines and mines very cheaply. After some years he came to know, a gold mine that was sold. obtained gold at a depth of only 1 foot and becoming very rich. old gold mine owner stopped digging 1 foot before gold. He was very sad to hear this. he is decided, will never give up before success.
I am telling you about another iconic person Edison. Everyone called him mad. Amazingly, Edison had not learned to speak until he was 4 years old and his head was larger than average size and his front was unusually wide.
From the age of seven, Edison started going to school and left school in just 12 weeks! In school, he was called retarded. Then worked on inventing the bulb. And failed, then did, even he failed 100 times and again and again failed, yet did not give up. 999 failed times. unlimited patience and confidence. 999 times failure Still did not give up. I tried 1000 times and succeeded and made history. A journalist asked, That you did not give up even after failing 999 times. and He said that I did not fail, I found 999 ways that could not make a bulb. always mistake teach you. must having: never give up attitude.
9. Having a clear purpose in life: knowledge about “how” and “why” is important to achieve the goal. ‘why’ is it very important and should be clear. “why” always remind you, about your goals and the value of your dream. before starting the journey you will always decide “why are you going there”, Not that “how to reach there”.
‘how’ always comes after ‘why’. the first goal should be clear, after that start thinking about “how to possible”. when you will be distracting your path, then start thinking ‘why are you doing this’. and it removes your distractions and moves in the right direction.

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