The Power of Habit

                            The Power of Habit

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Short Summary of the Book:


The Power of Habit pdf for free from our website, this book has been written by Charles Duhigg! In this, you have been told about your habits,

This book has a very beautiful Quote

  • First, we make a habit, and then
  • Habit makes us…

This means that first, we make habits, then habits make us! About 40 percent of the day’s work is done on its own, that is, it is done in auto mode, so we should make good efforts! Like – exercising, doing yoga, etc. in the morning!

A lot of company wants us to get into our habits like drinking dio or st after bathing, applying powder, cold food after fast food, etc.

How to make new habits

We have to adopt four steps to create new habits so that you can easily adopt new habits,
Chain of Habits – Whenever you want to adopt a new habit, then in the initial phase you put them in between any two old habits, like if you want to do yoga in the morning, then in between drinking tea and brushing it in the morning. Put it on And you decide that I will drink tea only when I do yoga!
Reward Yourself After Completing Habit – Whenever you adopt a new habit, then reward yourself after completing it, as you go to the gym, drink a great energy drink after coming from the gym! With which you will get the success of drinking energy drinks for the laziness of not going to the gym! If you have to do any kind of work, then you should take help of your friends with it, it will keep your mind also and your habit will also improve a lot!

Make Habit Easy – Our third task is to make the habit we are adopting easy for ourselves! That is, you are always ready for the new habit you are adopting! Just like if you want to go to the gym, you can already tell your bangs, shoes, and your housemates about it that I have to go to the gym at this time! With this, even the family members will remind you when it is time, this will make your work easier and at that time you will not disturb anyone!

Repeat 21 Days – You must have heard from many people that if you do any work continuously for 21 days, then you get used to it! Therefore, whenever you are adopting a new habit, then you should do it for 21 days without stopping, after that it will become very easy for you!
You will find many ways in this book, by which you can learn good and new habits, along with you want to get rid of any of your habits, then you have been told about it in detail in this book too!

In this book, the subject list of our habits is divided into three parts!
Personal habits of people
Organizations reached the heights of success
Society norms
All our habits have been divided into these three parts, all of you must read this book, by reading it you will be able to know about all your good and bad habits easily and you can change it in time or else You can leave it, because of your bad habits, you always fall into some problem!
If you have good values, you will never get into any trouble and if you fall in error, then you can easily get out of it! In it, the author has told about your good and bad habits in the whole book and how you can change it and why you should change it too!

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