Unmerited Favor

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Unmerited Favor

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Short Summary of the book:

God wants you to reach every area of your life!

And along with his presence in your life, you can. His grace or unmerited favor can swing open doors of opportunities and place you at the proper place at the proper time for His blessings. whether or not you lack the required qualifications, His unmerited favor can propel you forward. Discover in Unmerited Favor how everything that you just touch may be blessed and the way you’ll be able to enjoy good success. find out about what Jesus has accomplished on the cross for you, and how, through His perfect sacrifice, you’ll lead an overcoming life as God’s beloved. filled with new covenant truths on the unmerited favor of God and the way you have already got access to that through Jesus’ finished work, Unmerited Favor could be a must-read for anyone who wants to measure the great life – God’s way. it is time for you to prevent reckoning on your own efforts to succeed, and to begin reckoning on Jesus and Jesus alone for each success. Start living out the dreams that God has birthed in your heart today!



Chapter 1: The Definition Of Success

Chapter 2: Everything You Touch Is Blessed
Chapter 3: Becoming Safe For Success
Chapter 4: Success Beyond Your Circumstances
Chapter 5: Practicing The Presence Of Jesus
Chapter 6” Your Right To God’s Unmerited Favor
Chapter 7: God’s Peace For Your Success
Chapter 8: Covenanted To Succeed In Life
Chapter 9: God’s Covenant Of Unmerited Favor With Us
Chapter 10: Perfected By Unmerited Favor
Chapter 11: Transforming The Next Generation
Chapter 12: Our Part In The New Covenant
Chapter 13: How Unmerited Favor Is Cheapened
Chapter 14: The Secret To Good Success
Chapter 15: The Blessed Man Versus The Cursed Man
Chapter 16: Walking In The Blessing Of Abraham
Chapter 17: Becoming An Heir Of The World
Chapter 18: Self-Occupation Versus Christ-Occupation
Chapter 19: The Prayer Of The Unnamed Servant
Chapter 20: Divine WisdomTo Succeed
Chapter 21: Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored, Deeply Loved
Chapter 22: The Secret Of The Beloved
Closing Words


This book is all about Jesus. It is about His passionate love for you and His desire for you to experience success in your life. But before we go on, let me ask you this question: Do you believe that Jesus is interestedin your success? Take a moment to reflect on this. My friend, I am so glad that we have the opportunity to talk about this today because I want you to know that Jesus delights in blessing you. It is His good pleasure to see you blessed in every area of your life!
1 Now, don’t put a limit on His blessings in your life. The blessings of the Lord are not (as some may erroneously believe) just seen in material things.

Jesus is infinitely interested in your total well-being. He is interested in your family, career, fulfillment in life, marriage, ministry, and boy, does the list go on! When it comes to your desires, hopes and dreams, there is no detail that is too minuscule, minute or insignificant for Jesus. Trust me, if it matters to you, it matters to Him! Even if you went to Him in prayer to remove that small pimple on your nose, He is not going to look at you and reply mockingly, “Hey buddy, don’t you know that I’ve got a whole universe to run? Come to Me when you have a bigger prayer request.” No way! A thousand times no! Jesus will never ridicule or deride your concerns as petty. He is never dismissive or condescending. He is not like some of your so-called “friends,” who may delight in poking fun at your shortcomings. If it bothers you, it bothers Him.

Jesus is someone whom you can be completely real with. You can hang out with Him and be yourself, with no pretense and no play-acting. Jesus is ever-loving toward you and you can talk to Him about anything. He enjoys conversing with you about your dreams, aspirations and hopes. He wants to heal you of things in your past that you may be struggling with. He is interested in your present challenges. He wants to weep with you when you are down and rejoice with you in all your victories.

Jesus is love and tenderness personified. Be careful not to confuse His tenderness with the effeminate and weak images that you have seen depicted in some traditional paintings of Him. He is tenderness and strength wrapped up in one. He is meekness and majesty, manhood and deity, velvet and steel. You see, sometimes, when we attempt to be assertive and strong, we bulldoze over people’s feelings and end up hurting them with our words. When we attempt to be tender, we
overdose on niceness and reduce ourselves to doormats to be taken advantage of by others. Let’s turn away from ourselves and look at Jesus. He could sternly force a pack of scheming Pharisees to back off in one instance, challenging them by saying, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” 2 In the very next moment, this same Jesus could look straight into the eyes

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